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February 02 2016


Some New Guidance On Locating Major Issues Of Corporate Services

Even food items by many are the most popular corporate gifts. this postBoxes are not accepted as residential addresses. 3.If the corporate body is a shareholder in the company, then it should be submitted a copy of the incorporation certificate and a copy of the certificate indicating the exact location of the company’s registered office. Banks have been offering credits and have gathered funds in saving accounts for many years but they have been looking for new services and business opportunities. It is obvious that the difference between those two would be that the employee has paid personal taxes, pension and employment insurance contribution, before receiving his/her net pay. This procedure will take between 3-6 business days. 3.Open a bank account for a Cyprus company: Opening a bank account for a Cyprus company is not complicated and it can be done almost immediately. In the recent few years there has been a gradual multiplication in the number of companies manufacturing mobile phones. Thus, the proper services is critical in meeting your business overall objectives. People remember the advertising message on their calendars and purchases products or services from the company that supplies those.

September 24 2015


How Social Media Worked For Calgary?s New Mayor

Calgary, a city of about a million people in western Canada, elected a new mayor this week. Naheed Nenshi beat two other leading candidates by a wide margin after trailing in the early polls. One of the keys to success for Nenshi was the well-planned and executed social media strategy from the beginning stages of the campaign. I followed all of the candidates on Twitter and Facebook and Nenshi?s campaign team clearly had the best strategy for this media. Some of the ways they made it work for them include:
1. Frequency ? Nenshi?s team issued several Facebook and Twitter updates every day. It was one of their main strategies from the beginning. how to get instagram followersOther candidates seemed to treat social media as an afterthought, with updates made infrequently, often with long delays between them.
2. Integration with other media ? Social media was integrated with YouTube videos and website posting. When traditional media provided campaign coverage, Facebook updates were made with links to the TV or newspaper websites.
3. Connections with real world events ? Nenshi was very visible at many community events throughout the summer and leading into the campaign. The social media made people aware of these events and the candidate?s itinerary. The other candidates seemed to treat social media as a something separate from real world events.
4. All comments considered ? Comments made on Facebook made in support of other candidates and saying negative things about Nenshi were not removed. This created an environment of open and healthy debate. Of course, there may have been comments that contained profanity and so on that were removed. I have no way of knowing this. But critical comments were considered worthy of a response.
5. Social media was the main media ? Like all main contenders, Nenshi received attention from the news media. But I don?t recall seeing any paid television commercials by him or his team. I may have just missed them, but this seemed to be part of the strategy, to involve and engage people rather than the old style politics of preaching to people instead of discussing issues with them.
It was not entirely social media that helped to elect a 38 year old university professor with no previous experience as an elected politician to the top job of a city of over 1 million. He had a clear platform and was very visible in debates and community events. His team also used tried and true advertising like lawn signs. But he clearly used a social media strategy that engaged people and helped build the momentum needed for the election win.
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